Before diving into Templates, ensure you've installed and activated the Websheet AI spreadsheet addon. This addon from the Google Workspace Marketplace unlocks enhanced features like ChatGPT, Templates, Text-to-Speech, Image Generation, and more. Follow the instructions below to proceed.

#1 Get Websheet AI

To begin, obtain the Websheet AI Plugin for Google Docs from the official Google Workspace Marketplace.

It's free to try, no card is required.

Google Workspace Marketplace badge
Websheet AI with Google Workspace Image

#2 Copy Template

Optionally, obtain a Template by clicking on "Make a copy" from our selection. (Click the button below to view all templates.)

Alternatively, launch Websheet AI directly in any spreadsheet. We generally recommend starting with a Template.
Example of Translator template, with description explaining on how to translate texts inside google spreadsheet with Websheet AI, ChatGPT

#3 Start Plugin

Inside the spreadsheet go to Extensions → Websheet AI → Start

Don't see the Websheet AI in the Spreadsheet Menu? Try refreshing the page
Shows how to Launch Websheet AI isnide the Spreadsheet. Click on "Extensions", "Websheet AI", "Launch"